Our new partnership with the Mercedes V Class AC13 Edition

Image of the Mercedes V Class AC13 Edition with blog title overlaid


We’re pleased to announce a new brand partnership with the Mercedes V Class AC13 Edition.

AC13 Premier offers a premium Mercedes Benz V Class experience. Each vehicle is packed with a wealth of technological benefits and comfort enhancements, elevating every journey into a luxurious experience.

Whether you’re working, unwinding, or entertaining guests, the AC13 Edition V Class provides an elegant and versatile environment; equipped to meet every need.

Here’s what you need to know about the luxury V Class…

– The V Class has five and six seat rear configurations. The five seat offers two premium massage chairs as well as a centre console with folding table, and the six seat configuration provides space for an extra passenger and additional luggage.

– It has reclining, climate controlled massage seats.

– The centre console has convenient fold-out tables and each table offers ample room for laptop docking. There are also temperature controlled cup holders for hot and cold drinks.

– Each AC13 Edition V Class is equipped with on board wi-fi as standard and wireless phone charging is included.

– There is also on board entertainment with Apple TV, with front and rear screens allowing every passenger to enjoy the entertainment facilities. You can even have a games console installed.

– A twinkling night sky is created via hundreds of shimmering fibre-optic lights.

– The Mercedes V Class has privacy glass and for total privacy each window can be covered with luxurious Alcantra curtains.

If you’d like to know more about the AC13 V Class or would like to discuss a brand partnership please email us – info@dorsiafinance.co.uk. 

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