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Asset Finance
Tailored For Your Business

Over 11 years of experience funding business growth

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Finance Possibilities To help Your Business Grow

Grow your business without compromising cash flow. Asset finance provides a flexible approach to funding. At Dorsia Finance, we offer access to a range of asset and business finance options to suit your needs.⁠

A team member handles each finance application individually, providing hands-on attention to detail.

Try our free online asset finance calculator to see how much you could finance, or contact us and let us help you unlock your business’s full potential.

Free Online Asset Finance Calculator

Find out how much you can finance in under 60 seconds with our free online car finance calculator. This no-obligation quote will not affect your credit file.

We have a network of over 40 finance lenders and, as such, have access to funds and finance options designed for the purchase of assets.

Our experienced, professional staff are able to swiftly arrange the most suitable finance option available to meet your business’s needs.


We deal with various financial institutions to give our customers more competitive options. For your protection, we are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to sell consumer credit.

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Our calculator is based on a flat rate of 5%. This may differ from the rate that you are charged.

Is Asset Finance Right For Your Business? 

If you want to grow your business with the right asset investment without the need for capital, then asset finance is right for your business.

If you are running a business, there will inevitably come a time when you need to acquire assets such as machinery, vehicles or equipment to operate efficiently. However, purchasing these assets can be expensive, significantly impacting your cash flow. Therefore, it is a popular solution businesses use to acquire assets without needing upfront payment. 

For more information, read our post on What Is Asset Finance →


  • Preserve Cash Flow
  • Tax Benefits
  • Supports Growth
  • Less Risk

How Does It Work?

Being a broker, we have made the process quicker and easier than if you were to search the market yourself.

Using our free online asset finance calculator, you can find out how much you could finance in under 60 seconds. Once you have sent us your application, it is picked up by one of our team members. Then, through our network of lenders, we will access better rates than what is available on the high street.

The result is you get the perfect finance deal for your business.

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