5 ways to prep your car for a track day

Photo of a race track with the blogpost title '5 ways to prep your car for a track day'

We love a track day and there are so many great circuits in the UK to try including the iconic Silverstone. It’s important to prepare your car ahead of a track day and even if your car hasn’t had a recent service or MOT it’s wise to make some essential checks if you want to get the best out of the day. Here are 5 ways to prep your car for a track day.

1. Check your tyres

Your tyres will be hitting the race circuit hard, so it’s vital that you can prepare them properly. Make sure they have enough tread to last the day and that the tyres are in good condition. You’ll also want to check your tyre pressure (this is worth doing after the track day too, as well as checking general wear and tear after all of that driving).

If you are a regular at track days it may be worth investing in a set of track day tyres so they can ensure better braking and handling.

2. Inspect the engine

Ensure that the engine oil has been changed recently so that it’s in good condition, you’ll also want to fill it to the maximum mark. You should also bring some spare oil to the track day itself so you can top it up if needed. You’ll also want to check the coolant as this will be working overtime to keep the engine cool. Keep an eye on it during the day and bring spare with you.

3. Clear your car out

To optimise performance you want your car to be as light as possible. You could leave your spare wheel in the pits whilst you’re doing your circuits, and it’s a good idea to take anything loose out of the car which might fly around when you slam the brakes.

4. Check your brake pad material and brake fluid

Your brakes will be working hard on a track day, as you brake hard and regularly from high speeds. Ideally you should have at least three-quarters of your brake pad material remaining as running with destroyed pads will reduce your braking capacity. You’ll also want to make sure your brake fluid is relatively fresh.

5. Prepare yourself

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure that you are prepared. Wear clothing that covers your arms and legs and it’s wise to wear thin-soled shoes as this will be good for the pedals. If you’re looking to attend regular track days it might be worth buying a racing helmet but all of the circuits will rent these out.

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