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What Is Asset Finance

If you are running a business, there will inevitably come a time when you need to acquire assets such as machinery, vehicles or equipment to operate efficiently. However, purchasing these assets can be expensive, significantly impacting your cash flow. Therefore, asset finance is a popular solution businesses use to acquire assets without needing upfront payment. …

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Asset Finance vs Bank Loan

When a business is looking to acquire equipment and assets, there are typically two primary options: asset finance vs bank loan. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, and it’s essential to understand their differences to make an informed decision. For example, asset finance is an excellent option to preserve working capital and maintain flexibility, while …

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Asset finance jargon buster

Need an asset finance jargon buster? In today’s post, we have pulled together a handy guide to some of the most common asset finance terms. You can read our car finance jargon buster post here too. Asset An asset is any resource with a financial value that is controlled by a company, country, or individual. …

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Common asset finance myths

There are many myths and misconceptions around asset finance. Here are 5 asset finance myths and the truth behind them. 1. A bank is the best place to get business funding This is such a common myth. Many people think that the easiest route is to go to your bank for business finance, however you’re …

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