How to reduce your car fuel bill

how to reduce your car fuel bills

With inflation increasing and the price of fuel remaining high, every penny saved counts at the moment. Whether you’re in a petrol or diesel car, in this post, we share 5 ways how to reduce your car fuel bill.

1. Look after your car

Get your car serviced regularly and pump up your tyres – especially ahead of a long journey. One of the biggest factors in terms of fuel economy is tyre performance and under-inflated tyres can have a detrimental effect on your mpg. Michelin recommends checking tyres at least once a month and before long journeys.

2. Change how you drive

Be more mindful of how you drive and drive as smoothly as possible. Slowing down and speeding up increases your fuel usage in a significant way so using cruise control when you can is an efficient way of driving. Cruise control only helps fuel economy when driving on a constant flat surface so save it for those motorway drives.

Modern cars also have stop/start functions so make sure to use these features so that the engine automatically switches off at traffic lights and when in traffic.

3. Reduce the weight you’re carrying

It’s an obvious one but the heavier your car, the more fuel it needs. Regularly clear out your car and take unnecessary bulky items out. You should also remove items such as roof boxes and bike racks whenever they aren’t being used – the car has to work a lot harder due to the extra wind resistance from these extras.

4. Use air con wisely

Air con is a big culprit in draining the fuel tank as it uses engine power and therefore increases fuel consumption, so open the window when you’re driving at low speeds. When driving on the motorway it’s the other way round so do make use of the AC.

5. Do some research on the cheapest fuel prices in the area

Fuel prices can really vary with supermarket stations often being 3p per litre cheaper. You can use websites such as to compare and then plan a stop as part of a journey.

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