5 cars that changed the game

5 cars that changed the game

Today we are sharing five cars that changed the game, from the Ford Model T which brought motoring to the masses to the more recent Tesla Model S.  So without further ado…

Ford Model T

The Model T put the world on wheels. It was one of the first mass production vehicles, being built on an assembly line of a single line in a single colour. The car went on sale in 1908 and Ford’s efficient production line meant that the car could have a more affordable price point with it costing the equivalent to $20,000 today. Very soon half of all cars sold in the US were Model Ts.

Land Rover

The first Land Rover model, the Series 1 launched in 1948 with a single paint colour being offered; green. It was built with an aluminium body because there was so much scrap after the war and was originally a stop gap designed to last just a few years. It wasn’t the first but is commonly seen as the definitive off-roader.

Land Rover 19

Volkswagen Type 1

More commonly known as the Beetle, the Volkswagen Type 1 was the Model T of the post-war era and over 21 million have been made. Described as the ‘People Car’, it was affordable and could carry two adults and three children.

Jaguar E-type

The 1961 Jaguar E-type is widely regarded as one of the most important sports cars of all time. It launched at the Geneva car show and stole headlines around the world. It was half the price of other sports cars at the time, making it an affordable and exciting car.

Jaguar E Type 1961

Tesla Model S

It’s hard to believe that ten years before the Model S launched, Tesla didn’t exist and they have now arguably created the most influential large saloon of the 2010s decade. The Model S is the flagship Tesla car and is the big reason that all mainstream car manufacturers now include electric cars as part of their future plans.

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